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Please discuss aything to the artist, we encourage discussion, art can be intreprieted differently in all forms / the point of this site is to hear your thoughts on what art means to you on a personal level, art can become unique to a person and still hold its original concept if created subconciously or willingly alike. if an artist lets the painting create itself so to speak not planned like an sculpture, art can reach consious levels that may at times could use independent reviews to explore alternative possibilitys of what they express.


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oil painings by   Andre A. Ortolani  

please contact the artist or discuss art in past and modern  culture. many of these painting were created after the author returned from a draft and some were created in todays world, the contrast may be visble. may find a wide rang variety in the styles and inspirations because of this, some inspirated and dedicated by an artist elliott smith, who died for work. art in all forms that express any emotion is also welcomed to be posted here. share your work and let us have a disussion if possible.


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